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Pussy Galore®

Pussy Galore® is dedicated to guiding women in fostering a healthy and harmonious relationship with themselves. Rooted in the divine aspect within, our feminine power channels life force into the world. Embracing the term 'pussy' as a powerful conduit to connect with our internal life force and divinity, we advocate sending pure, positive, loving thoughts towards her, fostering a journey to love, honour, and know ourselves deeply.

How does the word
Pussy make you feel?

If this word has triggered a reaction or sticky feeling inside, then I urge you to do the following exercise.
Your subconscious will bring forth the answer to your reaction to these words.


Place your hands on your heart


Close your eyes, take a deep breath


Ask yourself:
"What is the negative belief associated
with the word

          We have found that when we do this exercise with women, the trigger comes from either sexual trauma, the porn industry, religious upbringing, shame from a parent when they were a child or societal culture. All have invoked a shame response. Where does yours come from?

It is our mission to challenge these negative beliefs, heal the trauma and reclaim the word Pussy as a powerful way for woman to connect their internal life force with their divinity.

Our Founder

Meet Julie, a multi award winning entrepreneur and visionary behind Pussy Galore®, a platform designed to guide women on a profound journey of self-discovery. Through an intricately crafted toolkit of self-care practices, Julie empowers women to nurture their pelvic health, foster overall wellness, and rediscover their true selves. The essence of Julie's transformative approach lies in recognising that external manifestations of life are intricately connected to the state of one's pelvic bowl, making these life-altering techniques indispensable for every woman.


Julie's personal odyssey encompasses a triumphant conquest over a myriad of gynaecological challenges. From bacterial vaginosis to cysts, swollen labia, and the aftermath of medical interventions, her journey was marked by profound struggles  Additionally, sexual trauma severed her connection to the pelvic bowl, manifesting in the left side of her vaginal canal as numbness and a profound absence of self-pleasure practices. The transformative turning point came through a combination of Intuitive Massage and Jess Cunningham's Belief Coding, unravelling layers of trapped emotions and facilitating healing that went beyond the physical, eradicating gynaecological issues and mental health challenges.


Motivated by her daughter's protracted battle with endometriosis, Julie delved into the realm of Holistic Pelvic Care. Unbeknownst to her, this endeavour not only aimed to support her daughter but unexpectedly provided relief from Julie's own PTSD and highlighted numbness within the vaginal canal, urethrocele and night-time Stress Urinary Incontinence SUI. Having liberated herself from the shackles of mental anguish, and used her own tools and techniques to rectify her pelvic health issues, Julie is now driven to share her wealth of knowledge with women grappling with similar tribulations. 

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Meet the team



 Julie is a multi-award winning entrepreneur & founder of Pussy Galore®, Leadership & Management Degree (1st),

MA Developmental Psychologist & Pedagogy, Belief Coding® facilitator, Holistic Pelvic Care® & fit20 Personal Trainer. 



Kelly a Multimedia artist with a particular interest in the human psyche, emotions and the physical sensory network. 

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Jade is a yoga and meditation mentor, circle facilitator, musician, dancer, therapist and womb- witch and will focus on the spirit aspect with clients 



With almost 30 years of experience in bodywork and energy work, I combine my knowledge of various practices from around the world to offer a balancing and healing service to my clients.

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