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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My life is mundane, routine and I just feel stuck, how can Pussy Galore help me get out of the rut.
    When you feel stuck in life you are operating from your masculine energy which means you are out of balance and alignment with the natural rhythms of life. Your life force energy or Qi is not able to flow freely through your resonance field and 'metaphorically speaking' becomes stagnant. Your outer reality is a mirror of your inner. HPC helps you to tune in energetically so that you can understand where the blocks are and shift it. It supports you to come back into alignment and move into your feminine so that you can access your intuitive skills and manifest the life that you want.
  • Can HPC help with fertility?
    Yes. Many women for whatever reason have closed their pelvic bowl off energetically and have created an unconscious block. This hinders the spirit of the baby from coming in through the spirit door. (For more information about this we recommend reading/listening to 'Mothering from your centre' by Tami Lynn Kent) Our treatments begin to remove the blocked energy from a women's physical and energetic field so that the resonance field is open and ready for a new life to come in. Whilst this is not 100% guaranteed, reconnecting with this space and removing blockages is always good for your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Can HPC help with Anxiety, Depression PTSD?
    Yes. Holistic Pussy Care (HPC) operates on the premise that energy blockages in the root chakra can contribute to mental distress, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The root chakra, associated with the pelvic region, is believed to be a vital energy centre. When this chakra is blocked, the free flow of energy is hindered, impacting various aspects of well-being, including mental health. Addressing these blockages through practices within HPC is thought to help release stagnant energy, potentially alleviating mental angst and contributing to an overall sense of balance and well-being. It's important to note that while holistic approaches like HPC may be beneficial for some individuals, mental health concerns should also be addressed with qualified healthcare professionals for a comprehensive and personalised approach to healing.
  • What do you mean by reclaiming sovereignty over my body?
    Many women carry shame from past experiences which make them behave in certain ways. However, a large majority of women do not know that certain triggered behaviours stem from a subconscious narrative running the undercurrents of their life. This has led to a vast majority of women disconnected from their bodies, but more specifically their pelvic bowl. Women also face ancestral and collective trauma that influences how women react to certain situations. If you cannot say the correct anatomical names for your pussy. If you cannot look at your pussy in the mirror. If the word pussy triggers you. If you struggle to say the correct anatomical names to your child. If you have no relationship to your pussy at all then you will have trapped traumas that influence the relationship you have to yourself, your partner and maybe your children if you have daughter/s. Once you begin to address certain truths, then you can begin the process of removing layers of shame and start to cultivate a happy and harmonious relationship to yourself. The positive effects then ripple out to those closest to you. This is what it means to reclaim sovereignty over your body. Nothing or no one can influence or impact you in a negative way. You know your worth and your confidence begins to exude from you.
  • I am not able to touch myself how can your program help me with this.
    You would need to book in for a Belief Coding session so that we can find the subconscious memory that is still affecting you in this now moment. Sometimes one session is all you need for the change to occur, however, you may need 2 or 3. Each person is different. Our HPC program is then tiered into 3 gradual stages that gently support you to develop a relationship to yourself and develop a 'pussy loving' routine into your daily life.
  • Pussy Practices - Physical and Energetic tools for pelvic wellness.
    The only recommended vaginal checks for women is to attend a clinic for a routine PAP smear. However, there are physical and energetic self-care practices that women can do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for optimum vaginal health. We just need to remove all the limiting beliefs and trapped trauma's that disconnect women from their own bodies. Reclaiming sovereignty over our Pussies is how we restore the feminine within society and reconnect women to themselves.
  • Can the work you do help with menopause symptoms?
    We recommend watching this video. Balancing Your Hormones - Barbara O'Neill - Bing video
  • What do you mean by releasing all that blocks you from stepping into your feminine power?
    Our feminine energy encompasses a spectrum of qualities, including emotions, intuition, desire, devotion, passion, sensuality, creativity, empathy, and collaboration, among others. In contrast, our masculine essences contribute to intellect, ambition, purpose, drive, leadership, structure, and power. Striking a balance between these energies is pivotal for alignment with oneself and one's life. Imbalances may manifest as hyperactivity or lethargy, disrupting the natural flow of life. Our mind, body, and soul approach aims to restore this balance by utilising physical and energetic tools, enhancing the vibrant flow of energy essential for overall wellness. Understanding and harmonising these energies can rejuvenate creative potential and infuse health and vitality back into one's life.
  • What's the difference between masculine and feminine energy and why is it so important?
    Please read our blogs on this subject Blog | Pussy Galore Site
  • Why should I care about loving my Pussy?
    We want all women to feel fucking sensational when they think about themselves. To exude the confidence and sensuality that arrives when we step into our feminine power. Most women do not even realise that they have a whole host of negative beliefs running the subconscious narrative of their lives. Our program shows you how to uncover these negative beliefs and reframe them with more positive and affirming ones. The way in which you can do this is by loving your pussy as if she was a beloved partner, child or pet. We are so good at loving others in a way we do not love ourselves, but when we turn this back on ourselves then we expand our resonance field and our outer reality is affected in positive ways. "As within so without' Additionally, if women are so closed off from this area how can we pass on body positivity to our young girls within society. If as an adult women you are too scared to embark on this journey with your 'ladybits' how can you support your daughters, nieces etc? It starts with each women individually so that it will ripple out into the collective and change begins to happen.
  • What is energy work? And how does it work?
  • Can the work you do help with PCOS or other period related problems such as horrible period pains?
    Yes. We have helped women through the Belief Coding to eradicate painful symptoms within the pelvic bowl. Many times pain within the body is associated with a trauma imprint or it has been passed on ancestrally. I've taken many women back to being in the womb and discovered that issues that are affecting them are in fact issues that were imprinted on the foetus whilst in the womb. Please read our testimonials. The body holds the score - Bessel Van Der Kolk is an excellent book to read/listen to which talks about how emotional trauma turns into physical pain.
  • The word Pussy triggers me where do I start?
    The Belief Coding sessions are a good place to start. We can discover what the negative beliefs that are causing the trigger and then work out what the emotions are that are trapped within the pelvic bowl.
  • What is Belief Coding?
    This science backed modality was created by Jessica Cunningham, combining elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix-Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing to provide a really fast and effective therapy that helps to resolve and diffuse trauma thereby releasing limiting beliefs and freeing a person to re-imprint a new belief in its place.
  • How can HPC help me?
    Women often retain emotions, stress, and tension within the vaginal canal. When left unattended, this congestion accumulates, impacting blood flow to the muscles and depleting nutrient exchange. Consequently, muscle deterioration may occur, leading to numbness, disconnection, chronic tension patterns, or a combination of both. Such imbalances can contribute to gynaecological issues if not addressed promptly. Additionally, unaddressed tension patterns impede the free flow of energy, resulting in withdrawal from life, lack of motivation, anxiety, lethargy, and potential eating disorders, stemming from a blocked root. Restoring awareness and flow to this base chakra is essential for addressing these issues, fostering a sense of safety, and bringing more meaning back into women's lives.
  • Why do you want to reclaim the word pussy?
    For 100's of years women have suffered inequality at the hands of a patriarchal system which has seen language used against us in derogatory and demeaning ways. Did you know the word 'whore' actually means 'womb' but many of us believe it to be a terminology used to define a promiscuous women. The word pussy has been taken by the porn industry to describe our most sacred body part, again in a demeaning fashion. Until women stand up and say no, this is not acceptable anymore, the shame cycle will perpetuate generation after generation. We need to be teaching our young girls how amazing our bodies are, and how powerful we can be when we know how to work alongside the body's natural rhythms. This is why we feel it's important to reclaim words that are used against us in a negative way.
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