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3 Keys to Illuminate Your Pelvic Wellness: A Mind, Body, and Holistic Pelvic Care Journey in Combating Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence


Embarking on a journey to combat organ prolapse and urinary incontinence requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses the mind, body, and holistic pelvic care. In this blog, we explore the transformative power of the Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) program led by Julie, integrating practices designed to clear pelvic congestion, restore muscle balance, and support pelvic wellness.

Key 1: Mindful Resilience through Holistic Pelvic Care

Understanding the HPC Program:

The Holistic Pelvic Care program, curated by Julie, offers a personalized 1-1 online session. Participants create a secure, private space at home, fostering an environment conducive to self-care checks during 1-2 hour sessions.

Energetic Alignment and Pelvic Awareness:

The program guides participants in tuning into their pelvic bowl, enhancing awareness of energetic alignment. Techniques provided facilitate a deeper understanding of one's pelvic map, identifying trigger points, congestion, and tension patterns within the vaginal canal.

Clearing Pelvic Congestion & Alleviating Pelvic Symptoms:

As part of the HPC journey, practices are incorporated to clear pelvic congestion and alleviate symptoms associated with organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. By restoring pelvic muscle balance and engagement, participants actively contribute to their pelvic wellness.

Key 2: Empowering the Body with Physical Practices

Comprehensive Guide to Pelvic Wellness:

HPC incorporates a comprehensive guide that empowers women with tools for daily life. This understanding becomes a preventive approach to gynaecological health, positioning participants to actively combat stresses contributing to organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Alleviating Stresses & Restoring Organ Health:

Through physical practices, participants gain insights into their pelvic map, enabling them to alleviate stresses and restore organ health. The program actively supports alignment, reducing the environment for dis/ease, thus fostering pelvic wellness.

Key 3: Holistic Connection for Gynaecological Health

Preventive Approach to Gynaecological Health:

The HPC program serves as a preventive approach to gynaecological health and wellness. By equipping participants with knowledge of their pelvic map, they are empowered to take charge of their health, actively participating in preventing issues related to organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Soulful Transformation through Holistic Pelvic Care:

Holistic pelvic care goes beyond physical practices; it's a soulful transformation. Practices are seamlessly integrated to decrease core stress, enhance inner/outer harmony, and establish clear energetic boundaries. The program further facilitates the release of embodied patterns of lineage and ancestral pain, upgrading to new, empowering patterns.

Additional Holistic Elements Integrated:

Celebrating the Power of the Female Body & Activating the Medicine Bowl:*

Holistic pelvic care becomes a celebration of the female body, activating the medicine bowl within. This intentional approach nourishes the soul and deepens the connection with one's feminine power.

Increasing Sexual Health, Libido & Orgasm:

As part of the HPC journey, practices are incorporated to increase sexual health, libido, and orgasm. This soulful element contributes to a holistic approach that addresses the intricate aspects of pelvic wellness.

Facilitating Pelvic Connection & Proprioception/Embodiment:

Holistic pelvic care actively encourages pelvic connection, fostering proprioception and embodiment. Participants are guided to connect with their pelvic region on a deeper level, enhancing overall awareness.

Encouraging Self-Care & Root Wisdom:

Integral to the HPC program is the encouragement of self-care practices and the connection with root wisdom. This soulful integration enhances the transformative nature of the journey.

Supporting Transition to Menopause & Long-term Vaginal Health:

Holistic pelvic care becomes a supportive companion during the transition to menopause, addressing long-term vaginal health. Practices are incorporated to ease this transition and promote overall well-being.

Resolving Trauma Imprints & Restoring a Woman’s Rightful Presence:

The HPC program actively addresses trauma imprints, fostering their resolution and restoring a woman's rightful presence in her creative center. This soulful healing is an integral part of the holistic pelvic care journey.


In embracing the three keys to illuminate pelvic wellness—mindful resilience, empowering the body through physical practices, and fostering a holistic connection—we witness the transformative power of the Holistic Pelvic Care program. Led by Julie, this program not only addresses immediate concerns related to organ prolapse and urinary incontinence but becomes a holistic and soulful approach to gynaecological health. Through education, physical practices, and a deep connection with the pelvic map, participants actively engage in their well-being, ultimately experiencing a soulful transformation that transcends the limitations of the body. Illuminate your pelvic wellness journey and embrace the transformative power of Holistic Pelvic Care.

Holistic Pelvic Care is a holistic practice consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate, restore balance, and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl of the female body by working with a woman’s core patterns. Holistic Pelvic Care is a bodywork practice that Tami Lynn Kent created based on her expertise as a woman’s health PT and her own gifts for working with the pelvic bowl fascia and reading the body’s creative energy field." Tami Lynn Kent 

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