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Pussy Galore®: Redefining womanhood, embracing healing, and unlocking the wild potential within – join us in reclaiming sovereignty over your body and inspiring transformative change together.

Embark on a transformative odyssey with Julie, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur behind Pussy Galore®. From battling gynecological woes to reclaiming divine feminine intuition, Julie's toolkit of self-care practices guides women to unleash vitality, heal trauma, and liberate their true essence. Join our unique healing journey and discover the profound transformation that awaits within every woman.

Our treatments

Pussy Galore® embodies a holistic healing odyssey, seamlessly weaving three potent modalities to liberate energetic blocks, dissolve trapped traumas, mend wounds, and guide us toward the profound reconnection with our innate divine powers.

Belief Coding
Holistic Pussy Care​
Intuitive Massage

Belief Coding®

Work with the subconscious, clear your negative beliefs to overcome, resolve and diffuse trapped trauma.



Holistic Pelvic Care®

A holistic practice consisting of physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate, restore balance and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl.

Pussy Galore Ex.®

The Pussy Galore® Experience is a trinity of healing modalities designed to support the balancing of feminine and masculine energies so that women can reach their full creative potential. 


Julie was a great facilitator, intuitive and sensitive, skilfully helping me work out what was blocking me in wrapping up my vintage clothing business. We worked on the emotional attachment around the clothes, and I loved the space she held for me while we worked with a past life reflection. Since our session, I've made progress on the practical steps needed, which I was stuck on before. I've now been making sales in my Etsy shop, which had previously ground to a halt. One of the first pieces that sold was the one I had the most emotional attachment to. I know now I can find a buyer for my stock and be fine to start my new business. Thank you Julie!

Nell - Business Owner


Welcome to Pussy Galore Online

Pussy Galore® is your go-to destination for organic holistic pelvic care products, and bespoke accessories. We aim to offer a diverse range of natural, eco-friendly solutions to support women's health and well-being. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, our business empowers customers to make informed choices for their holistic pelvic care needs.

Book in for a free call

Ready to gain clarity and take the next step? Book a free clarity call with me to explore how we can achieve your goals together. Let's start the journey toward your success!

Holistic Pussy Care​

Pussy Galore ignites and empowers the dormant feminine force within, ushering profound healing into our lives and radiating transformative energy throughout the world.

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