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Hi, I’m Jade, a yoga and meditation mentor, circle facilitator, musician, dancer, therapist and womb-witch. 

Jade's Story

Jade has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for 15 years. She has travelled extensively and sought out many ways to transform her pain into her power. From a shy, scared girl with no confidence into a woman deeply connected to the cycles of existence, her voice and her womb space, she now leads women into finding their way home. Home to the power that lies within. Home to their bodies and home to each other. Jade works 1-1 with massage, energy clearing and sound and also womb connection ceremonies as well as leading group immersions and circles for women. 


I live on a houseboat, and I am deeply connected to the elements, sleeping on water every night feels like I am carried back to the womb and my dreams reveal magic and a remembering. The Earth isn’t far away, and the fire keeps me warm at night. The wind often howls and whips around the windows and I feel a sense of being held by Mother Gaia and the elemental spirits. 


I have been teaching yoga since 2014 to both adults and children in the community and I am deeply passionate about the transformative power of connecting more deeply to our bodies as a portal to our divinity. The emphasis on my work is focused on coming home to ourselves by embracing the light within our hearts and the wisdom from source.


I have been on a massive journey since I began my healing path in 2007. I was so shy and terrified to be seen or heard. I knew that if I pushed through the uncomfortable feelings then there would be Gold at the other side. I began to teach yoga and went through so much anxiety just to sit there and have people see me and listen and respond in positive ways. I studied Odissi, a form of Indian classical dance and experienced my body as a pure portal of devotion to The Divine, to Absolute Love.

My journey deepened when I joined my friends in their band, Mamatung and began playing music on stages. Again, I pushed through the terror of being seen and heard. These fears rooted in a lack of self- love and acceptance of all my imperfections. So I began to delve deep and hold myself and my inner child. 

 I also used to have very difficult moon cycles, whenever my monthly bleed came, I was in agony and like many of us, would take pain killers and just power on through in a state of dis-connect. I began to track my cycles and this transformed how I showed up to myself and to the world. 

I began to write song and through this connection to my cycles, I felt my womb space as a profound powerhouse of wisdom and force. I began to sing from here and delve deeper into the esoteric feminine mysteries that were shunned from the world through the patriarchal structures that form society. 

In 2019, together with 2 other women who’s paths are intricately connected with mine, we founded The Heroine’s Path; circles of journeying with the wheel of the year, digging deep into the Earth of our beings so that we can rise high to the skies.


I have been around powerful women and part of a strong sisterhood for many years and this has shaped who I am and what I offer.


Another beautiful collaboration formed   In 2021 together with 3 soul sisters, we formed ‘SHE’ a collective of musicians and we share our music and message of these shared themes. Now I play music and sing on stages and enjoy being seen and heard, knowing that shining in this way inspires others to do the same.. 

I now feel at a place in my life where I am ready to share with women what I have discovered and hold the space for their journey of re-connection, of re-membering.


With Gratitude, 

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