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Hi, I’m Kelly, an award-winning Multimedia artist with a particular interest in the human psyche, emotions and the physical sensory network.


Kelly's Story

My current practise involves elemental landscapes that reference astrology using oil on paper. I've recently been exploring dream interpretation by creating associated narratives using colour, line and gesture. Human behaviour and the sensory networks employed in creative activity, combined with a particular interest in the human psyche and childhood trauma, have led me to believe that humanity can work towards healing itself through regression to past memories and active creativity. This is in order for the individual to hopefully find a semblance of emotional resolve. Through working in the arts since 2010, I have progressed from fashion photography and filming to studying fine art at Liverpool HopeUniversity where I have recently graduated with a first class honours. Presently, I am an artist in residence at arena studios and gallery, Liverpool and the winner of the prestigious Zari gallery exhibition award, London.

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