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Holistic Pussy Care

Empower Your Gynecological Wellness: A 6 week Comprehensive Online Program for Holistic Healing


Unlock the secrets to optimal gynaecological health with our immersive online program led by expert practitioners Tuesday Simmons and Julie. Delve into personalised consultations, transformative exercises, and empowering meditations—all from the comfort of your own home. Join us on this journey toward holistic healing and reclaim your vitality today.


How it works

In the initial online consultation, Tuesday assesses your unique needs and crafts a bespoke organic Yoni steam pack. Following this, Julie conducts a comprehensive 90-minute online session, mapping your pelvic bowl and evaluating pelvic floor recruitment patterns, identifying trigger points, congestion, or numbness within the vaginal canal. Julie devises a tailored online plan, incorporating vaginal massage practices, pelvic floor exercises, and a womb energy meditation to address energetic congestion.


Over six weeks, you'll implement the prescribed online massage practices and exercises to balance vaginal recruitment patterns and strengthen the pelvic floor. After 6 weeks, yoni eggs will be introduced to stimulate proprioception, enhance blood circulation and facilitate nutrient exchange. Additionally, yoni eggs provide resistance training for pelvic floor muscles, aiding in their strengthening and toning over time. This  synergistic combination creates a powerful foundation for pelvic floor health and vitality.  A check-in at week three and a final online follow-up at week six ensure the integration of tools for ongoing gynaecological health maintenance. Join us on this empowering online journey towards holistic pelvic well-being.

What can Holistic Pussy Care help with?

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Holistic Pussy Care?

   - Holistic Pussy Care is an integrative approach that considers physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of reproductive health, aiming to promote overall well-being.


2. Who can benefit from Holistic Pussy Care?

   - Holistic Pussy Care is beneficial for individuals of all ages and reproductive stages, addressing a wide range of concerns and promoting preventive health.


3. Are there specific conditions that Holistic Pussy Care can address?

   - Holistic Pussy Care can address a variety of conditions, including Urinary Incontinence, fertility challenges, and menopausal symptoms, among others.

4. How does Holistic Pussy Care address reproductive health?

- It addresses reproductive health by promoting optimal organ function, hormonal balance, and addressing issues such as menstrual health, fertility, and menopausal symptoms.


5. Can Holistic Pussy Care help with emotional well-being?

- Yes, Holistic Pussy Care often includes strategies for stress management, emotional support, and fostering a positive connection between the mind and body.

6. I have triggers that make it difficult for me to touch myself, how can Holistic Pussy Care help me if I have triggers that prevent me from checking myself?

 - We would reverse the process. So initially, we would do the Belief Coding sessions to find out the trapped emotion and subconscious memory that is affecting you from touching yourself. Once we have healed these memories, then we can move onto the physical checks.

7. How frequently should I do Holistic Pussy Care?

   - The frequency depends on individual needs and goals. However, for our particular program, we recommend doing the self-care checks 2 to 3 days a week.


8. Can Holistic Pussy Care be integrated with traditional medical treatments?

   - Yes, Holistic Pussy Care can complement traditional treatments. It's essential to communicate openly with healthcare providers to ensure a cohesive approach to care.


9. What role does Holistic Pussy Care play in preventive health?

   - Holistic Pussy Care emphasises preventive measures, promoting early detection of issues, and empowering individuals with tools for maintaining optimal pelvic and overall health. 

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