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Women's Empowerment Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

When I was 17 years old, I got a weekend job in a rest home. When I look at my 18-year-old daughter now, I can't believe that at such a young age I was responsible for the intimate care needs of the old and vulnerable. I used to get into trouble for talking to the residents too much when I was supposed to be cleaning rooms and other general 'boring' duties. But the stories that these ladies shared with me about the lives they had lived, helped me to compassionately bathe and dress these women and admire their frail and failing bodies for the journey that it had allowed them to have. Each line, each wrinkle, each scar tells a story

One particular 82 year old lady called Helen, she had lost her sight, she was hard of hearing and her body was frail and failing her. But around her room was dotted these spectacular photos of her in her youth, naked photos (Kate Winslet Titanic Style) and I remember thinking ~ wow, how brave was she to do this in an age where nudity was frowned upon way more than it is today. But how nice for her to have had these when youth had long since left, as a reminder of what once was.

It planted a seed that this too would be me one day, and whilst I had youth on my side, I would do things that I would one day look back on and that enabled me to tell my story. It has been nearly 30 years since that job, half a lifetime has gone by in the blink of eye. It will soon be another blink of an eye when I am that older lady with a body that youth has left. This is one of the reasons why I like to do things that will enable me to look back at my youthful self with the same admiration, knowing that my courageousness will give my older self, nostalgia and a feeling of 'a life well lived'.

So when I did two belief coding sessions on a client, and we got talking about her creative art and photography experience, I put forth my idea and asked whether she would be up for giving it a go. She jumped at the chance.

On the day of the shoot, I was having all kinds of negative thoughts about how crazy the idea was, am I insane, ridiculous, cringy, embarrassing, what am I doing, is this a bonkers idea? A whole range of emotions had come to the surface at the prospect of me taking my clothes off in front of another female.

So to replicate these feelings we started on the floor in the foetal position as this encapsulated the feelings of vulnerability I was experiencing. As I led on the floor, held by mother earth, I started to notice all the negative thought chatter dissipate and as I led there a calm feeling came over me as I was held by Gaia herself.

With all the negative thoughts and vulnerability now eased, Kelly supported me with the transition of the next stage of the shoot. Her professionalism had put me at ease which had brought forth feelings of exhilaration and empowerment. I could feel a different kind of energy begin to radiate throughout my body as we captured a variety of different poses.

"Adam & Eve we're both naked and felt no shame" Genesis 2:25

At the end of the shoot I left feeling incredible, feeling alive and my body was energised. Over the course of the experience I had gone from pure vulnerability, fear, scared, crazy, stupid, to OMG I feel amazing, I feel so empowered and all my doubts about providing this experience for woman had now gone. I was so elated that it made me want to cry with joy.

I know there are woman out there like me, that would either like to do this for themselves, or as a gift for their partner. Plus, I realise this experience is a fantastic way to delve deep into our vulnerability and find out exactly what negative language is lurking within our subconscious so that we can bring it forth and change the way we view ourselves.

Our female form should be loved and honoured not objectified & sexualised. We need to find a way to remove all the negative thought chatter that we have about her, so that we can access that divine feminine that resides within us all. By removing all of those limiting beliefs the life we desire begins to manifest before our very eyes.

If I jump forward 30 years to when the ageing process has caught up with me and youth has long since left, I hope I can look back on this experience with pride that 'I felt the fear and did it anyway'.

This is the dawn of a new day. Ancient feminine wisdom once hidden and silenced, has awakened and is now ready to rise. Rebecca Campbell

The Legal Protection of Naturists in the UK: Exploring Legislative Facts

Naturism, the practice of social nudity, is a lifestyle choice embraced by many individuals across the United Kingdom. It promotes body positivity, self-acceptance, and a deeper connection with nature. While it may be perceived as unconventional by some, the UK legal system provides certain protections for naturists. In this article, we'll delve into the legislative facts that safeguard naturists' rights in the UK.

1. Human Rights Act 1998:

The cornerstone of naturists' legal protections in the UK is the Human Rights Act 1998. This act incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms. Article 8 of the Convention, which protects the right to respect for private and family life, is particularly relevant. Courts have recognized that this includes the right to dress (or undress) as one pleases within the bounds of legality and social norms.

2. Equality Act 2010:

The Equality Act 2010 plays a pivotal role in protecting naturists against discrimination. It prohibits discrimination on various grounds, including religion, disability, and gender. It also indirectly safeguards the rights of naturists, as it ensures that individuals cannot be unfairly treated due to their naturist beliefs or practices.

3. Case Law:

Over the years, there have been legal cases involving naturism, which have shaped the legal landscape. Notable cases include the Duffield and Gough case in 1990, which established that naturism alone is not a ground for prosecution if practiced in appropriate locations. These legal precedents have contributed to the protection of naturists' rights. Discrimination against an employee based on their naturist beliefs or lifestyle can have serious legal consequences for an employer in many jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom. Here are some potential repercussions:

4. Legal Action: The discriminated employee can file a discrimination complaint or lawsuit against the employer. If the court or relevant authority finds in favor of the employee, the employer may be held liable for damages.

5. Financial Penalties: Employers found guilty of discrimination may be required to pay fines or compensation to the victim to make up for any harm suffered as a result of the discrimination.

6. Reputation Damage: Discrimination cases can tarnish the employer's reputation. Negative publicity and public backlash can affect the company's image and ability to attract customers, clients, and talented employees.

7. Injunctions: Courts may issue injunctions that prevent the employer from continuing discriminatory practices. This can restrict their business operations and activities.

8. Employee Training and Policy Changes: To prevent future discrimination, employers may be required to implement anti-discrimination training for employees and make changes to their policies and practices to ensure they are in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

9. Loss of Business Opportunities: Discrimination can lead to the loss of business opportunities, as clients, partners, or investors may choose not to associate with a company engaged in discriminatory behavior.

10. Regulatory Action: Government agencies responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws may investigate and take regulatory action against the employer, which could include fines and requirements to rectify discriminatory practices.

Naturists are sometimes sexualized or misunderstood due to a variety of factors, but it's important to clarify that naturism, as a lifestyle, is not inherently sexual. Here are some reasons why naturists might be sexualized or misunderstood:

1. Media and Entertainment: In popular media and entertainment, nudity is often associated with sexuality. This portrayal has led to misconceptions about nudity in non-sexual contexts, such as naturist activities.

2. Lack of Awareness: Many people are not familiar with the concept of naturism, so they may make assumptions based on their limited knowledge. This lack of awareness can contribute to misunderstandings.

3. Overlap with Nudity: While naturism is about non-sexual social nudity, there are instances where nudity and sexuality overlap, such as in certain adult entertainment industries. This can lead some to conflate the two, even though they are distinct.

4. Society's Views on Nudity: Societal norms and attitudes toward nudity vary widely around the world. In some cultures, nudity is considered taboo, while in others, it's more accepted. These differing views can affect how naturism is perceived.

5. Individual Behavior: Unfortunately, some individuals who engage in inappropriate behavior under the guise of naturism have contributed to the sexualization of the lifestyle. Such individuals do not represent the broader naturist community.

6. Misrepresentation: In some cases, individuals or groups who are not genuine naturists may misrepresent themselves as naturists for sexual purposes, further fueling misunderstandings.

It's essential to distinguish between genuine naturism, which is a lifestyle focused on body acceptance, nature, and non-sexual social nudity, and sexualized portrayals or misconceptions of nudity. The majority of naturists are committed to upholding the non-sexual and respectful nature of their lifestyle. Education and open dialogue can help dispel misunderstandings and promote a more accurate understanding of naturism.


In the UK, laws such as the Equality Act 2010 protect employees from discrimination based on various characteristics, including religion or belief, and individuals who believe they have been discriminated against have the right to seek legal remedies. Employers are generally expected to adhere to these laws and provide equal treatment to all employees, regardless of their beliefs or lifestyle choices.

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